Best practices and what is missing

There can hardly be a single model able to evaluate every blockchain project. That is because each project may be at a different stage of development (idea, IDO, early days post-TGE, not yet functional, testnet, or a well-established one). But also because of its DNA(industry, use case, etc..), the nature of the token utility, its position in the J-curve or the point of view from which it is assessed: VCs, retail VCs, traders, IDO platforms, exchanges, government institutions, hodlers, institutional investors, newbie speculators, etc).

Each of these has a different target and timeframe…

Why he would approve of them and invest

Whether you have your doubts or its charm fully enchants you, we can all agree the Blockchain sphere is an exciting place to be and to observe. After only 12 years since its inception as an alternative mean of payment, this technology is still in its infancy, spurring innovative solutions in several economic sectors worldwide, making ever more often headlines and attracting substantial attention from investment institutions, governments and regulators.

It is essentially the ‘far west’ of our times, and together with its complexities and the excitement of discovery, independence, and the gold rush that comes with it, like then…

Value Unbanking

Exploring value-generating assets in the rising unbanking era.

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