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What launchpads expect and ask from projects

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2 min readNov 22, 2021

Many IDO launchpads, crypto exchanges, incubators, and most recently ILO platforms, all need to deal with a common pain point, which is receiving many applications from dubious projects, or from projects that are still far from the listing stage (just an idea, no whitepaper, no MVP, etc..).

One effective way of screening these types of projects can be through a well-designed listing application form, but how detailed the questionnaire needs to be can either simplify the life of a popular platform or break the rising of a new one.

While researching the due diligence framework proposed in “Assessing Blockchain Projects”, I came across application forms that vary from 5 generic questions to others that ask 60+ and more.

To revisit and give some structure to some of the material used in the framework and further contribute to the literature for assessing projects, I put together a sample IDO application form that collects the common points touched by some of the most popular platforms.

The questionnaire is divided into the following sections:

You can view the entire form here (just press ‘Next’ at the bottom of each page to view the next one, no need to input the answers to move through the questionnaire).


While the research was conducted on a varied plethora of more than 30 platforms, the sources used in this questionnaire, ultimately, have been the followings:

I believe such a detailed inquisition might be suitable only for IDO launchpads that have a constant and high demand for listing on their platforms and need to concentrate their efforts only on well-developed projects, quickly flagging out scams.

Newer IDO launchpads, however, can still benefit from this sample form but might need to reduce the level of finicky questions drastically and postpone/adapt them to a later interview stage on a case by case basis. This is to avoid scare of new projects which are too early in their development stage and might not have all the answers to respond to such a taunting questionnaire.

Next up: Improving the Research Page and project assessment for IDO platforms.

Please feel free to share your comments, suggestions and corrections. You can reach me on Linkedin! Thank you for reading :)



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